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  • Grampians views and farm ruin at Great Western

    Great Western

    Panoramic views of the Grampians ranges with the ruins of an old farm cottage at Great Western Victoria, Australia.

    Great Western is a small highway town in the Wimmera region, 225 kilometres north-west of Melbourne. European settlement of the area started with the arrival of graziers in the region until the Victorian gold rush drew thousands of people to the area. Today, Great Western is known for its many vineyards and wineries.


  • Guido Van Helten mural in Brim

    Guido Van Helten mural in Brim

    Panorama of large Guido Van Helten mural on grain silos in Brim in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia.

    Artist Guido Van Helten painted the 30 metre high portraits of four farmers on disused grain silos over 3 weeks finishing early January 2016. Brim with a population of about 100 people is located 20 kilometres north of Warracknabeal or 360 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. The giant artwork was funded by Regional Arts Victoria and the Yarriambiack Shire Council.


  • Historic ghost town Silverton


    Panoramic views over the former silver mining town in outback New South Wales, Australia. For a short time Silverton was a busy mining town after silver was found in 1875. By 1888 Silverton was connected to South Australia via a tramway.

    While most buildings had been relocated after the decline of its mining industry, the remaining ghost town has been used for advertising commercials and films like Wake in Fright, Mad Max 2, Razorback, A Town Like Alice, The Craig, Dirty Deeds and many others.

    Today the town has become a popular tourist attraction with several art galleries, museums, cafes and the famous Silverton hotel. Silverton is 24km north-west of Broken Hill or 1,180km west of Sydney.


  • Millewa A Steam Pumping Station

    Millewa A Steam Pumping Station

    Panorama of the Millewa A Steam Pumping Station on the Murray River, Murray Sunset National Park, Victoria, Australia.

    Millewa A Pumping Station is the last operational wood fired steam driven Victorian built pump on the Murray River. Situated at Lock 9 the pumping station can be reached via unsealed road from Lake Cullulleraine. The pumping station was constructed in 1927 and formed part of an irrigation system which supplied water to 462 soldier settler farms once a year. Water supply was limited to the winter months because 95% of the water evaporated in over 1,000 kilometres of open channels.


  • Moonrise and Sunset at One Tree

    Moonrise at SunsetPanorama of a rising Full Moon during Sunset at One Tree Hotel. The full moon always rises close to the time the sun sets and occasionally the full moon rises a few minutes before the sun sets.

    This impressive scenario is best seen on flat terrain of which the outback of Australia has plenty to offer. This photo was taken in October 2014 at One Tree Hotel on the Cobb Highway north of Hay.

    A 360 degree panorama is probably the best option to capture this moment when the full moon appears opposite the setting sun. The outback setting on the vast plains north of Hay is also free of light pollution to make this event a great experience.


  • Mount Cole Reservoir

    Mt Cole Reservoir

    Panorama of Mount Cole Reservoir.

    Panorama of Mount Cole Reservoir in the Mount Buangor state Park, Victoria, Australia. Mount Buangor State Park is a native bush reserve between Beaufort and Ararat. The reservoir is a great location for bird watching or a picnic but is only accessible with vehicles with good ground clearance.


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  • Views over Penshurst from Mount Rouse

    Mount Rouse

    Panoramic views from Mount Rouse near Penshurst, Victoria, Australia. Mount Rouse is an extinct volcano on the outskirts of Penshurst. Mt Rouse offers uninterrupted views over the surrounding plains and towards the Grampians in the north, hence it is also site of one of the many fire towers in the bushfire prone state of Victoria.

    Penshurst is a small town of about 500 people 275 km west of Melbourne, 31 km south-east of Hamilton, 50 km south-east of the Grampians. Penshurst is the centre of a large dairying, agricultural and pastoral district on a lava plain at the foot of extinct volcano Mt Rouse.

    Before European settlement the Nareeb Nareeb and Kolor Aborigines occupied the area. Conflicts with white settlers and introduced diseases caused a rapid decline of the aboriginal population which could not be stopped by a reserve created around Mt Rouse in the 1840s.

    Penshurst was laid out with very wide main streets to enable bullock trains to turn. Despite its declining population, Penshurst remains a tourist destination and an important service town to surrounding farms.