Weblinks to panorama photography related websites.

Links to websites that display, license or sell panoramas and photo-spheres.



Weblinks to sites about panorama heads and other tools required to produce photo-spheres, spherical panoramas or cylindrical panoramas. Panorama heads are a basic requirement for shooting panoramas or photo-spheres because they eliminate parallax and significantly reduce the effort required to stitch panoramas. While panoramas can be photographed with a handheld camera, many photographers use tripods or poles to mount panorama heads. The selection below provides links to websites with helpful tools for panorama photography.



Links to websites about panorama or photo-sphere related software including stitching software, panorama viewers and photo editing software. Any still image camera can be used to take photos for photo-spheres, spherical panoramas or cylindrical panoramas. Post processing software is required to stitch individual photos together, to mask out errors or ghosts and to correct white balance and exposure or to view the panoramas or photo-spheres on a computer.



A list of links to tutorials for panorama or photo-sphere photography. Beginners and advanced panorama photographers often look for tutorials, share experiences and write about specific techniques to produce great photo-spheres. The below list of links is a small selection of good tutorials available on the internet.