• Who is HySpherical.com?
    Hyspherical.com is registered by Klaus Mayer, an enthusiast in panoramic photography.
  • Where is HySpherical.com located?
    I am located in the beautiful state of Victoria in Australia but I am also often in Germany and Switzerland.
  • What is HySpherical.com doing?
    At this stage the purpose of Hyspherical.com is to share some of the fantastic landscapes Australia has to offer.  I am a trusted photographer of Google Streetview and can create high resolution virtual tours of your premises by negotiation.
    All of the spherical panoramas produced by me are at least 11,000 pixels in width, my preferred settings are >20,000pixels in width. The samples shown on this website are reduced in size to balance download speed and image quality. I favour panoramic views of rural areas and nature in high resolution.
  • Are the panoramas here free?
    The copyright of the panoramas shown here or produced by me for 360Cities remains with me. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in acquiring a license or print of any full or partial panoramas.
  • What is HySpherical.com not doing?
    Fortunately I do not have to do low resolution mass production panoramas of real estate, offices, bars, restaurants or other commercial premises.