panorama of gum tree

Panorama under the umbrella of wide branches of a large gum tree. Eucalypt trees, commonly known as gum tree play a dominant role in the Australian flora. The trees disperse fine drops of eucalypt oil into the atmosphere that not only causes a nice fragrance around gum trees but also increase the risk of fire to which these plants have adapted so well.


Limb hollows and broken branches provide nesting for cockatoos and parrots. River red gums grow along waterways and have heavy, hard, red coloured wood. While these trees are stunning in appearance they are known to drop large limbs without warning especially when under stress caused by high winds, extreme temperatures, drought, fire or flood.

Grampians panorama with a glider passing Mount William.

Strong westerly winds between May and October cause at times a phenomenon known in the glider community as Grampians Wave. The Grampians Wave can enable gliders to reach altitudes of over 8,500 metres.

Sunset panorama of Grampians from Reed's Lookout

At the time of the photo the 2013 Victoria Valley Complex fire started by lightning strikes on 14-Feb-13 was still burning out of control covering about 35,000 hectares of the Victoria Range.

Panoramic views over Serra Range, Victoria Valley, Victoria Range, Lake Wartook and Mt Difficult Range from Reed Lookout.  Due to the outstanding views over most of the Grampians National Park this location has also a Fire Tower to spot fires in one of the world's most bushfire prone regions.

Reed Lookout during Victoria Valley Complex Bushfire

Panoramic view from Reed Lookout during Victoria Valley Complex Bushfire.

Reed lookout and fire tower offers uninterrupted views over the Serra Range, Victoria Valley, Victoria Range, Mount Difficult Range and Lake Wartook. At the time of this photo the Victoria Valley Complex Bushfire was burning an area of over 38,000 hectares on the western flanks of the Victoria Range.