Smooth paved outdoor areas are a nightmare for many new VR photographers. The lack of control points between images can make it difficult to align images well enough without having grout joints running into tiles or tiles becoming distorted in the final panorama.

Bird droppings, discarded chewing gum or other blemishes can be of great help as control points when going through the stitching process.

Try to see the bright side when facing a stitching challenge, even the pair of sneakers or a plastic bag hanging off a powerline can help to get those much needed control points in the sky. If you want to get rid of blemishes in the final output, use Gimp or Photoshop to clean up the marks instead of removing valuable control points with a mop and bucket. To be on the safe side, never try to remove things from powerlines to get a good shot.

This site is still very new but the conversion of the first images to Flash and HTML5 files is nearly complete and the site should now be working on most browsers including iPhones, iPads and Androids. Although the progress has been slow, I can now increasingly focus on adding new images, information, facts and opinions which may be of interest to visitors.

The main focus will remain on panoramic images from regional Australia because every country has large cities but very few countries have the large variety of natural scenery and more or less remote settlements where friendly locals still have time for a yarn without being affected by crazy traffic, hectic work and anonymity of the big smoke.

Welcome to hySpherical. The major overhaul of this website is continuing although only few new panoramas appeared over the last weeks because of an extensive investigation into plugins and viewers. The DevalVR plugin used initially is based on the best panorama viewer but it is available for Windows only and requires Java, additional plugins or HTML5 to serve other operating systems or iPhone/iPad users.

Since HTML5 is offering more compatibility in future, this will be the new direction for the next panos to appear. A flash version will become the alternative for browsers not supporting HTML5 due to the widespread availability of flash players across many platforms.