Cape Borda Lighthouse

Panoramic views from Cape Borda Lighthouse.

The Cape Borda lighthouse is the shortest (10 metres high) and highest (155 metres above sea level) lighthouse in Australia. Located on the remote north-west corner of Kangaroo Island, the lighthouse has been in operation since 1858. Cape Borda lighthouse is the 3rd oldest lighthouse and only square shaped lighthouse in South Australia. The small canon was originally put in place to be fired during fog to signal ships of danger but since its restoration in 1999 the cannon is fired daily at 1pm. The headland is named after the French mathematician, physicist, naturalist, and sailor Jean-Charles de Borda.

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View from Surveyor Point in Port Vincent

Panoramic views from Surveyor Point over Port Vincent and Gulf Saint Vincent.

The small coastal town of Port Vincent is located on the Gulf St. Vincent on the east coast of Yorke Peninsula.

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Cape Willoughby Lighthouse

Panorama of Cape Willoughby Lighthouse and Backstairs Passage on Kangaroo Island.

Cape Willoughby was the first lighthouse in South Australia erected in 1852 and stands on the southern shores of the narrow Backstairs Passage between Kangaroo Island and mainland Australia. The lighthouse is 20.5 metres high and stands 75 metres above sea level on the eastern extremity of the island.

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Railway Crossing near the Stuart Highway

Panorama of a railway crossing in outback South Australia.

The railway crossing is south of Island Lagoon on the route of The Ghan which operates between Adelaide and Darwin. This area along Stuart Highway presents travellers with the typical vast plains of the outback covered in low shrubs and red earth.

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Emu Bay

Panorama of Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island.

Emu Bay is a scenic shallow bay in the north of Kangaroo Island approximately 13 kilometres north-west of Kingscote.

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